Watch your thoughts; for they become words
Watch your words; for they become actions
Watch your actions; for they become habits
Watch your habits; for they become your character
Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny
- Anonymous

Sometimes we all need a little inspirational life push. This is my collection of thoughts, quotes, stories and videos that I find inspirational and hope you will as well.  Living in health not only includes what you choose to eat, but how you choose to think and behave as well.


I was a little conflicted as to whether I should post this entry here or on the new Fitness page.  I decided to make it a vitamin because it's really a life lesson that can be applied anywhere.  When I decided that I was going to train for my upcoming fitness competition, I knew discipline was going to be key to my success.  I have to be sure that I am eating cleanly and frequently and I have to get in my workouts six times a week.  Now, when I began this journey, it would have been easy for me to find a million reasons why starting this now wasn't practical. I was in the middle of looking for a new "day gig" and now that said gig is found, I have to be sure to keep up the schedule I've been working up until this point no matter what is thrown my way.

It's so easy to find excuses NOT to do something.  I'm too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, not qualified, I've tried before and failed etc.  The list goes on and on, but I'm challenging you to stop making excuses.  Make this your day, your year to end all the excuses you have about why you can't do something.  Set a goal, create a plan and make it happen.  When I started Veggin', I had so many life changes going on, but I vowed to write every day no matter what and that is exactly what I did.  For 365 days, I didn't miss one post.  I didn't allow life to get in the way of my goal.  I stayed focused and dedicated and accomplished my goal- no excuses.  We all know life can get hectic and challenging, but we must keep going.  Excuses only get in the way and hinder our progress as we seek to move forward in the life we envision.  So, it's time to get beyond the excuses and work your butt and not your but in all areas of your life.  You can do it, so prove it!


I absolutely love this picture because it speaks volumes.  I felt Valentine's Day was the perfect day to remind you to love yourself.  In order to love others, we must first love ourselves unconditionally. It's difficult to be a broken person and love others truly.  I encourage you to make the time to always tap into what makes you happy and remind yourself of all the reasons you are fabulous on a daily basis.  Give yourself a daily hug and the love you feel on the inside will automatically emanate to others. For those of you that may be feeling alone or sad if you're not coupled up- this is the perfect time to focus on loving yourself.  Do something you love to do and be thankful for all you do have.  It's important to do these things now so that when that special someone does come into your life, you won't forget what you love about yourself and what makes you smile.  So, I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and give you permission to love yourselves boldly. Sending my love to you today and always! xo


Ah, the wonderful gift of uncertainty.  Yes, you heard me correctly, I said the "gift"!  I know you may think I've lost my mind because who in their "right" mind would think living in the unknown would be a gift.  Well, before you think I should see a therapist, please hear me out.  I believe that if you look at uncertainty in the right way you will see it as a blessing.  I think being uncertain at times forces you into a place of careful reflection and forces you to use your faith muscle a little more.  Please understand that I am speaking of when you are waiting for something to happen and you're unsure based on your circumstances how it can possibly come into fruition.  It forces us to surrender control and ride out on faith.  Being uncertain also makes us exercise patience.  The next time you feel uncertain about something in you're life, I encourage you to take it as a personal challenge to use those faith and patience muscles that I know you have!  Give yourself the luxury of letting go and allow life to unfold the way it's meant.  Once you do this, you too will accept moments of uncertainty as a gift. 


"A goal casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle." - Zig Ziglar

I came across this quote this morning and it speaks volumes to me.  I feel it really makes you look at commitment.  It's often said that the battle is within the mind and it is a true sentiment.  If you are unable to train your mind, you are likely to always be easily strayed and distracted away from any goal you set in life.  Once you make a decision to do something, it must have roots in order to grow.  If you set a goal with a lighthearted intention, the results will definitely mirror how you feel. 

For example, if you set a goal to become vegan, but you haven't changed your mind about the foods you are choosing to give up and feel you are missing something, the first sight of cheese will have you ordering a large pizza.  When you set a goal, whatever it is, I encourage you to dig deep, meditate daily and take action right away so that it can have roots.  You will need to have this type of tenacious attitude to take it all the way, so you won't falter when obstacles arrive.  Be bold and be steadfast when it comes to your goals and you will see success.


thumbnail of quotes We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us. Joseph Campbell
This quote could not be more accurate.  I was having a very in depth conversation with a close friend yesterday and after getting off the phone my mind was swimming.  It's so often easier to hand out advice and identify fear in others than it is at times with ourselves.  All I can say is a huge mirror was held up to me and I couldn't look away.  After pondering some more about the conversation this morning, I realize that as much as I believe in throwing caution to the wind and living life to the fullest, there are areas where I'm a little stopped up.  I like to think of myself as spontaneous and carefree with life- especially embracing new experiences, but I realize there is still some dust from the past that I need to sweep up and reservations I need to release.   

One of the things I am expecting in 2013 is more freedom.  I actually have been speaking that as my word for the year.  The freedom to be able to do more in life, mainly travel more.  I was about to pass up an opportunity to do so based on fear and things not looking the way I think they should in order to take a trip.  Now, we're not even talking some lengthy jaunt, but a quick weekend getaway for fun and relaxation.  I had a myriad of excuses and hesitations about why it wasn't a good idea.   It wasn't until I was checked by my friend about what I was doing that I was forced to pay attention. 

I need to learn to let go some more and allow myself to live the life I speak of wanting all the time, not just when it's convenient in my mind.  I think we often miss out on wonderful people and experiences because situations don't present themselves the way we have it laid out in our heads.

 Life is not always going to show up in the package we expect and we've got to be willing to accept that in order to really live.  So, if you're struggling with letting go of something in your life, whether it be certain ideas, people, situations etc., I challenge you to let go of what you think should happen and allow yourself to go with the flow.  Get out of the way and live a life beyond what you think it should be or look like.  Allow life to throw you a surprise party each day.  Receive the unexpected and let go.  I look forward to my trip.


I saw this cartoon and it made me laugh out loud!  We are always inundated with the word "diet" so I can see why the lady in the picture is flying off the handle.  Now don't get me wrong, I think it's best to keep your cool and not go crazy when someone makes what they think is a harmless statement to you.  My main reason for posting this picture (aside from hopefully making you laugh) is to once again drive home the point about lifestyle changes.  Whether you made a resolution to transition to veganism, eat less processed foods or cut out sweets; how you think about your decision will determine your results.  The word diet tends to denote trying to obtain a goal for a certain time period.  However, when you make a lifestyle change, it says you are in it for the long haul.  The biggest battle to healthy living is in the mind, so how you think about what you do will determine your success or failure.   So, I just want to encourage you today to think about long term sustainable results pertaining to your health.  Commit yourself to a lifestyle change and in the process, go easy and educate- not berate your loved ones.


I was reminded about a week or so ago how grateful I am to have the use of all of my limbs.  I make it a habit to give thanks each day for all of my blessings, but sometimes until we are faced with a challenge, we don't really see just how fortunate we really are.  I had a moment of thinking I was Gabby Douglas and on a whim of sillyness busted out a cartwheel.  Now, I know my cheerleading days are way over, but I am in good shape and can still do a cartwheel!  However, I certainly paid the price for being out of practice.  I started to feel a little twinge of pain in my shoulder post gymnastic stunt, but didn't think much of it.  Well the following few days I couldn't help but think something of it because I could not raise my arm, it was swollen and basically felt like a broken wing attached to my body.  I was in SO much pain!  After nursing it myself and self-diagnosing (I don't recommend this) wasn't working and at the pleading of my friends, I finally went to the doctor to make sure nothing was broken as it seemed to be getting worse.  Thankfully, nothing was broken and it has healed on its own and I have regained full range of motion. 

During that time, I was handicapped because I could only use my right arm.  I am right-handed so you may not think it would be so difficult, but it brought into full view how much I depend on both arms and how much I use my left one.  I could not workout fully and had to just do lower body exercises.  It was a struggle to shower, do my hair, I couldn't drive at ease and sleeping was also very uncomfortable.  I tell you this story to remind you to honor your body at all times.  If you have full use of all of your limbs, don't take them for granted and be sure to use them (carefully of course).  Facing this challenge also made me think of those who aren't so fortunate and have to struggle with their bodies everyday.  I am thankful to have the benefit of such a valuable lesson and reminder.  Love your body!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 30

Recap National Health Blog Posting Month

Well the daily prompts and the end of November has arrived!  It's been great fun to tap in and explore some topics outside of veganism which is really the purpose of this page on my site.  This really kickstarted me into writing more inspirational words to share here on a regular basis.  So, my goal is to post here more regularly because it's all about being healthy in body and mind.  The two work together so it's important to have everything nourished and in tact.  You can be eating all the healthy food in the world, but if your soul is off balance, your diet will not help as much.  I challenge you to continue to grow and push your boundaries and find out what you can start to do better going into the new year.  There is no need to wait until the beginning of January, you can begin right now where you are.  Let's make December and 2013 spectacular!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 29

If I could accomplish anything in 2013 it would be...

The main thing I want to accomplish in 2013 is the ability to do what I love full-time.  Coaching people to live healthy lives is my true passion and being able to do this fully is the goal I work toward each day.  I currently still have to maintain a full-time job and do my business on the side and in 2013 I want this to no longer be the case.  I know this is a very attainable goal and I continue to direct all my energy and thoughts upon this vision.  Action plus believing equals results and I look forward to sharing the results with you next year! Won't you join me?  Ask yourself what you would like to accomplish in 2013, write the vision down, believe you can do it and put in work to make it a reality, and it will happen for you!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 28

My favorite Twitter users...


Yes, a mixed bag of folks each offering up different things..I enjoy all the people I follow on Twitter but not enough space to fit each one.

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 27

If I could go anywhere...

If I could go anywhere right now I would visit Michelle Obama and discuss how we could expand her current "Let's Move" campaign even further to educate people about GMO's and push the labeling agenda.  I know it would take much more than a talk with the First Lady because policies would have to be changed in order to make this happen worldwide.  However, anywhere I can go to raise my voice for healthier living and informed consumers, I am ready, willing and able!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 26

Prep for the holidays in a post...

I thoroughly enjoy the holiday season and do my best to enjoy friends and family.  I do not stress out about the holidays because it diminishes what they should be about.  I have hung some lights, put out a Christmas mat and hung a stocking.  I plan to go back east to see family so I don't feel it necessary to go all out.  As for food, I will make my Christmas meal as I did for Thankgiving and it will be one dinner meal and that's it.  My preparation is low-key and peaceful.  Now, when I have a family of my own to tend to one day, I'm sure preparation will be a little more involved.  However, having peace and happiness and no stress during the holidays is something I plan to hold onto for dear life!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 25

My favorite blogs...

Just a few of my favorites that I frequent..

Happy Black Woman
I Eat Grass
Brown Vegan
Urban Vegan
Run Crissie Run
Marie Forleo

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 24

Why I decided to leave an online community...

I was a member of a particular group on Facebook that I decided to leave because it was making me frustrated each time I visited.  I feel that if something is not adding to your life, then you need to remove it.  It is important for me to be in a positive space and if I'm a part of something that doesn't aid me in doing so, it's time to make a change.  I came to feel that the purpose of the group was very self-serving to the creator.  It seemed that the only type of input that was welcomed was the type that supported her agenda only and that was very unattractive to me.  I think the purpose of an online community is one where people with similar interests can share freely without having to attribute to one agenda and content be censored even if it's not offensive.  I prefer to belong to communities where the valuable and thoughtful ideas of others and myself will be welcomed and appreciated.

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 23

How to take time for yourself...

Just do it!  I think it's really as simple as just setting aside some time for just you.  Even if you can only carve out twenty minutes to go into a quiet space to spend time alone, it's well worth it.  We all need time alone to reflect and connect with our spirit so that we can stay balanced.  I realize that being single at the moment, that this may be a little easier for me to do.  However, I feel if I develop this practice to a tee while I am alone, when a family comes into the picture I will be more likely to make sure that time is automatically built into my life.  Spending time alone allows you to stay connected to what's important to you aside from anything or anyone else.  You can be of no valuable service to others if you neglect yourself.  If silent prayer or meditation is not your thing, then make sure you carve out some time to do something that makes you happy EACH day.  This will ensure you are at your best and those around you will benefit greatly as well!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 22

Write about change...

Change is good and necessary.  One thing I can say about myself is this is an area in which I've never struggled.  I have changed jobs, cities, careers, interests, you name it.  I always make it a point to stay open in mind and spirit to things I might need to do differently.  I want to always be growing and evolving and change is a vital component in order to do so.  Embracing change has allowed me to experience life in such a rich and rewarding manner.  The year is about to change and I encourage you to take a full account of your life and see if there is room for you to change.  Is it your attitude towards something or someone, your wardrobe, your diet, your city?  Whatever it is, don't be afraid to take the plunge and make it happen.  Stay open, stay fearless!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 21

Create a new technology related to health...

I would like to create an app that takes all the guesswork out of vegan cooking and shopping.  An app where you can type in what type of meal you would like to have and then based on that, recipe suggestions would load.  Once you select a recipe, then a grocery list will be created automatically for you.  I would like the app to be interactive as well, so when you are shopping for the ingredients you can check them off and they will delete automatically as you go.  The recipe would also include a health breakdown as well, showing you the number of calories and what nutrients you are getting in the meal.  I better get to learning how to design apps don't you think?! ;-)

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 20

Write about alternative treatments/regimens/medicine.  What do you support? What is crazy?

I suppose it probably goes without saying that the alternative treatment I believe in most is veganism.  The root of health begins with what we feed our bodies and maintaining a plant-based diet has been proven time and again as being very beneficial to health and longevity.  Many common ailments and diseases can be prevented or reversed with the vegan diet.  The documentary film "Forks Over Knives" demonstrates this brilliantly with real people who made the switch and changed their health around for the better. 

The treatments I feel are crazy are the ones in which leave you susceptible to more ailments than you had before taking the treatment or medicine.  We've all seen those commercials for pills that cure just about everything but come with a plethora of harmful side effects.  You take care of one problem and open the door for ten more to take up residence.  I believe if you start with the basics, which is eating whole living foods, you give yourself a better chance of side-stepping and combating sickness and disease.

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 19

Write about life or death...

The following excerpt from the commencement speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford, writes about both life and death very poetically and it resonates very deeply with me:

"When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: "If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 18

I want to change THIS about healthcare...

I want healthcare to be accessible and affordable to everyone.  We all know that there is a lot going on with healthcare reform and we are due to see changes, so I guess time will tell.  No one should have to fear getting sick or hurt if they can't afford the healthcare plan their job provides or work for themselves and it's too costly to maintain. 

Additionally, I would love for health care practitioners to start focusing more on prevention.  There is so much emphasis on curing illnesses rather than helping people to not get sick in the first place.  We need to take it back to the basics and focus on daily healthy living choices. I think once we can do that, we have a fighting chance in eradicating unecessary diseases that too many people are suffering from these days.  One of my favorite quotes is; "True health care reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington." We should be having more well visits to the doctor than to see what ails us, then I think we would see healthcare and reform at its finest!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 16

Use a picture or video to inspire a post...

This sculpture by Liu Qiang speaks volumes.  While it might be hard for some to look at (as it was for me at first), it makes a very bold statement.  This paints a very good picture of how reliant we are on cow's milk.  The look of anguish on the cow's face really stands out to me as well.  It makes me think of the pain that is felt by animals due to the horrors of factory farming.  No matter how you feel about veganism, I think it would be hard not to think twice about food we get from animals after seeing this sculpture.

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 15

Why healthcare companies (or healthcare professionals) should use social media...

We definitely live in a world where social media has become king.  I feel it's very important that in any profession, especially those that serve people should be aware of what is on people's minds.  There is so much information shared on social media and this is a way that healthcare companies and professionals can stay on top of what is important in the minds of those they serve.  Professionals can stay abreast of things like what people are pleased about as well as challenges and frustrations.  Social media is also a great way to build communities and support groups for people. Staying connected through social media is a great way to reach out and assist with providing help and solutions to those seeking answers. 

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 14

Advice for dealing with negative feedback in your community...

My advice to anyone dealing with negativity in their community is to not let it penetrate you.  There will always be people that will try to bring you down and it's likely due to their own unhappiness.  The old adage is true that misery loves company.  The best thing to do is keep going and do your best to exercise love and forgiveness.  Oftentimes the positive feedback and people in your community will far outweight the negative ones, so that is where your focus should be. 

I also suggest that you make sure what you perceive to be negative is truly negative. Sometimes, what someone might share may not be negative and actually constructive criticism.  Some people aren't as articulate as they could be in voicing how they feel, therefore it can come off in a way that it's not meant.  So, before shutting anybody out, you want to take a moment to really assess what is being said before proceeding.  Unfortunately, negativity is a part of the world we live in, but you don't have to give it power!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 13

Book Report.  What is your favorite book and how can you tie it to your health or life?...

This is an impossible question for me because I do not just have one favorite book.  There are many books that I have read that can be tied to my health and life.  So, I will choose one of my favorites.  It's funny because I mentioned it in yesterday's post.  The Power Of Now (see below) definitely goes down in history as one of the most thought-provoking and inspirational books I've read.  As I mentioned, I'm taking my second pass of it now as a refresher.  I believe that your spiritual life is a key component in your overall health and well being.  So, what you feed your spirit is just as important as what you feed your body.  You can be eating right and exercising all day long, but if you are still a stressed out basket case, those things will do little good for you in the long run. 

The title of this book really says it all- Tolle discusses the importance of living in the moment and really being present.  It's so easy to stay either trapped in the past or daydream about the future, and in doing so we miss the blessing of the present moment.  The book talks about the importance of quieting our ever so busy minds.  I just remember really applying the wisdom in the book the first time I read it and saw how my life changed just from being totally present with each moment.  I have gone through a lot of life changes since the last time I read it and I'm at a place where I feel the need to be gently reminded and soak in his words once again. I never forgot the principles, but I want to take in certain passages once again.  This book is one that is surely tied to my health and life and I highly recommend it to everyone!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 12

My favorite health app/device/game is...

My favorite app is Vegan Steven.  I don't know if it would really be considered a health app, but so far it's my favorite app to help me locate vegan restaurants.  I have used Vegan Steven each time I go to a new city and have always been successful in finding spots in my area.  It automatically pulls up places based on my location.  I would say the one negative is that all of the restaurants it pulls up are not vegan, so you do need to be aware of that.  However, you may find that some of the non-vegan recommendations may have vegan options. Therefore, if you are in mixed culinary choice company, everyone can be satisfied.  I give this app 3 out of 5 stars!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 11

Write about your favorite thing that is not health related- but likely improves your life...

Reading inspirational books that tap into my spirit is one of my favorite things to do.  There are many things I enjoy, but I would say this one gets top billing because it definitely adds to the quality of my daily life.  It's so important for me to get into a prayerful and meditative space each day so that I can be open for direction, creativity and it also reminds me to be thankful of my blessings.  There are so many things I tend to on a daily basis and so many goals I want to accomplish that staying connected spiritually is key to me.  So, whenever I have time to get my hands on books that help aid in the practice of being open and assist me with looking within, I take advantage.  Right now I'm in the middle of reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle for the second time.  This book was life changing for me the first time I read it and we all can use reminders from time to time.  Words are so powerful and I enjoy soaking in ones that are transformative any chance I get.

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 10

Should people post about (their) or loved ones health on Facebook? Why or Why not?....

I feel that people should always post with care on Facebook no matter what is being shared.  I think one should consider who their audience is and the purpose of sharing.  If it is meant to inspire and encourage others, then I think it's fine to post about one's health.  Now if you are sharing about someone else's health, I would certainly hope you have permission to do so and again if it's for uplifing or informing friends and followers then I think it's just fine.  We do live in an information age, but I think one should always think carefully and decide what things are left best unsaid whether discussing health or not.  Health is a popular topic these days and helping others be in the best shape through your own story or someone else's is a voice that I think needs to be heard.  Just be wise and proceed with care and caution.

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 9

LOL post. Write something funny or share something you found funny...

I love Bizarro comics and I don't think there is much more I need to say about this picture.  Dan Piraro's vegan comics may give you a chuckle but they also come through with a clear message.  Just think if more people thought just a tad more literally about meat eating how different things might be. 

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 8

I don't know about this, but I'd like to...

Move to Toronto! Yes, this is a new idea that I have just begun considering.  I have traveled outside of the country quite a few times but have never been to Canada.  I just happened to be doing some research about it the other day and became very intrigued to say the least.  I say I don't know about this because since I've never been there, I can't make a full determination yet.  So, I plan to go in the spring for a visit to check it out and see how I feel.  If I fall in love during my visit and decide to do an extended stay there, I would have many things to consider, but I'm enjoying how the prospect of it feels right now so I'm gonna ride it out.  Life should be about bold new adventures and chartering unknown territory.  I'm in a position to move around freely with only myself to be responsible for right now, so why not?! I encourage you to ask yourself the same thing about your life.  Why not take that trip, start your own business, go skinny dipping, whatever it is, don't hold back living because of fear of the unknown.  The one thing I fear most in life is regret.  I sometimes wish others had that same fear so that they would live in full abandon.  So, I encourage you to think about this exact question and fill in the blank, and just watch what may open up for you!

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 7

A letter to my health...

Dear Health,

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for how good you've been to me over the years.  I am more than grateful that you have spared me broken bones, disease and any emergency hospital visits.  I thank you for sparing me seasonal allergies and very rarely shaking things up with a cold or flu.  You have been so good to me that it's only right that I strive to do the same by you every day.  I know there have been times and will likely be more that I don't make the best food choice, but I appreciate your patience and continuing to be gentle with me.  I know you understand my real intentions and have given many breaks and I appreciate it very much.  I do promise to do my best to honor you daily and if I do slip, that you continue to be forgiving and allow me to pick myself up and keep going.  I know that healthy living is a journey and I want my life to be a long one, so anything I am able to do to ensure that, I will keep doing.  Thank you for loving me and keeping me.  I know that without you, it will be impossible to live vibrantly and help others do the same.

Love always,


WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 6

When I had to take the high road...

One thing that can be very difficult to do is "hold your tongue" or "turn the other cheek" in certain situations.  However, it is oftentimes necessary and very important to choose battles wisely.  I believe doing so is a true character builder.  To be able to reflect and decide what situations deserve action or non-action requires work and patience.  One time in particular where I had to take the high road was when I was working at at company and my supervisor whom I adored was replaced with someone that wasn't the nicest person around.  She was very cold and closed off and I had to report to her and was none to happy about it.  She would come into work and walk right by my desk without speaking and was very short and curt in general. I decided however, that I was not going to allow her to bring me down and I would work to change this situation around.  I remained who I was and would still cheerfully say "good morning" when I saw her and continued making a good impression with my work ethic.  As time passed, she slowly began to come around and by the time she got ready to leave the company our relationship had made a complete turn for the better.  We had even begun having light conversation and would joke around a quite a bit as well.

I could have easily complained and become grumpy and matched her attitude, but I took the high road and rose above it.  I was not going to change who I was and allow my work environment to be unpleasant so I purposed myself to have a good attitude and turns out it became contagious.  Now, I would never encourage anyone to stay in a toxic situation or take abuse from anyone, but sometimes we have to take a moment and assess a situation before running out the door.  I'm sure she may have been guarded knowing she was coming in to oversee a group that was not pleased about losing their other team leader.  It's very easy to judge what one may be going through and therefore help perpetuate the situation rather than treat them with love and patience and see what happens from that point.   This is one experience in particular in which I'm glad I took the high road.  It forced me to grow even more as a person and I've been able to pull from that situation to help me in others.  I encourage you to take the road that is often less traveled when possible- the "high" one, and you will always continue to grow.

WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month- Day 5
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Three things I'm thankful for...

It's very difficult to just choose three, but here we go..

1) My health- I am thankful beyond words to be well.  One thing I strive to not take for granted on a daily basis is my health. I want to live as long and as vibrantly as possible.  Quality of life is key.

2) My family and friends- I know some may think this is technically two things, but I find them to be one in the same. I view my close friends as family. I am blessed beyond measure to be surrounded by wonderful, loving and supportive people.

3) A roof over my head- I am so grateful to have somewhere to lay my head on a daily basis.  Each time I see someone on the side of the road in a makeshift shelter, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am.  I have never been without somewhere safe to live and for that I will always be thankful.

Here's To Feeling Alive!

While I was getting ready for work this morning, I listened to the following video and knew I had to share it here.  I get weekly emails from Marie Forleo because she has such great tips for life and business and I highly suggest you check her out and sign-up to receive them as well!

In the video she is interviewing Brendon Burchard about his book The Charge, which I will definitely be getting my hands on very soon!  He provides some great tips that you can even start applying right now, so I highly urge you to take the time to watch the video and feel alive and be charged all the time! 

Check it out!

Words to live by...

How To Be Successful

I love this video. I believe it's been floating around for a while but I just discovered it.  Everything he says in this video resonates so deeply within myself.  I encourage each and every one of you to hold fast to your dreams and goals and lock in. You never know when success will strike, but believe that it will!

Make Every Moment Count of Dead Prez is the man of the hour right now for me.  His videos are SO inspiring and it was hard to pick one to share!  I'm sure you will see some others in the future for your vitamin.  Check it out!

40 Inspirational Speeches

Get inspired in 2 minutes! I find this to be very clever and motivational!

A Demonstration Of The Power Of Thought

The other night I was looking for a parking spot and I found one a lot further away than I wanted because I had a lot of stuff to carry and it was pretty late. So, I decided that I wasn't going to take the spot even knowing the odds of finding another quickly may take awhile. As I pulled away, I set my mind and intention on finding a spot right away and close to the building. Five minutes later, I got a spot, right in front of the building. It's in simple moments such as this that further highlight the power of intention and thought. When you zero in on what you want and refuse to take less than you want and deserve, provision is made for you. Plain and simple.
- Christa

The Death Cycle Of The Middle Class- Ryan Blair

The following video from Ryan Blair and found it quite profound.  He discusses the death cycle of the middle class.